The future demands new skills

Over the next 50 years,  AI will greatly diminish the need for technical skills as robots learn everything from coding and translation to performing surgery. No one can work harder or be more disciplined than a robot. If we are to remain relevant, we need to cultivate different "deep human" work skills such as empathy, communication, creativity and self-awareness.

Rising stress levels

Accelerating change and volatility means that we are operating under immense pressure. Stress costs companies billions of dollars every year. Anxiety, loneliness and depression are at an all time high and rising. Our programs are designed to incorporate the best practices from psychology, leadership and neuroscience to help you manage stress, build resilience and optimise your effectiveness.

Grow your meta-learning ability

The biggest skill of the future is the ability to learn and unlearn rapidly. We are experts in the science of learning, having  trained over 14,000 people from junior executives to CEOs,  students to professors. Everything we teach is data-driven, evidence-based, and tested in over 500 workshops. Our programs help you to upgrade your mental operating system so you become more agile, aware and successful in work and life.

Connecting to self and others is vital

Positive change starts from the inside out, and involves changing mindsets and shifting limiting beliefs. Our programs engage the learner on a deep personal level by allowing them to connect with their own meaning and values for sustainable and long lasting growth . The interactive, fun and engaging format of our programs also fosters team-building and a sense of trust and community.



Leadership & Personal Transformation

Future/Proof® is our signature personal development programme to optimise your success in work, relationships and life, so that you can achieve your true potential.

Based on the latest psychology, neuroscience and leadership research, you will learn holistic techniques and tools to develop your self-awareness, interpersonal effectiveness and life vision. 

Our approach centres on three areas of focus - self, interpersonal and wider world effectiveness.

Focus on Self

In an increasingly distracted world, the ability to focus is absolutely vital. We start our programmes with a foundation of mindfulness and attention training, where you will optimise your sensing ability, improve attention span and manage stress.

Most programmes focus just on skill, but it is actually your beliefs determine your success or failure. Some of the most powerful belief systems you will learn in Future/Proof® are how to develop a growth mindset, take personal ownership for your life, and overcoming limiting beliefs.

Focus on Others

In an era of complex cross-cultural interactions, practicing empathy is essential as it differentiates humans from robots, and provides the foundation to collaboration, overcoming unconscious bias and embracing diversity. 

You will also learn powerful hands-on interpersonal tools such as the art of giving and receiving feedback, coaching fundamentals and how to handle conflicts and difficult conversations with skill.

Focus on the Wider World

Building on a strong foundation of personal and interpersonal skills, you will now learn how to navigate larger social systems, whether at work or in your personal life.

In this segment, you will gain an understanding of how to communicate effectively with different groups of people, unleash your problem-solving and collaboration skills, and connect with your curiosity and creativity.

You'll graduate from Future/Proof® with  a positive, clear blueprint for your future, and the practical tools and inner technology you need to support you in your journey.


Our programmes are flexible in content and length. We have designed corporate programmes in a variety of different formats, from immersive retreats to lunchtime workshops and even online programmes. 

Most of our corporate clients devote 3-5 days to training over a year, however we have also done short introductory workshops and talks.

For individuals looking for coaching, we recommend a course of 6 private sessions to be able to develop a comprehensive personal growth journey.



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