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What is Deep Human™?

Deep Human™  is our signature personal development programme to optimise your success in work, relationships and life, so that you can achieve your true potential.

Based on the latest psychology, neuroscience and leadership research, you will learn holistic techniques and tools to develop your self-awareness, interpersonal effectiveness and life vision.

Our approach centres on three areas of focus – self, interpersonal and wider world effectiveness.

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Based on National Deep Human- Practical Superskills for the Future, Forest Wolf Founders Crystal & Dr. Gregor Lim-Lange’s latest book. Learn the 5 key superskills of the future based on psychology, neuroscience and leadership research.

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Our New Best Selling Book – DEEP HUMAN

We are thrilled that “Deep Human” was a National Bestseller in the first month of its launch! Find out more and get your copy at major bookstores such as Kinokuniya, Popular and Amazon.

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Crystal and Gregor are a diverse and unique combination of East & West, corporate leadership, psychology and academic experience, and male & female perspectives

James Tutton

Co-Founder of smiling mind. Director of Neometro

Crystal & Gregor are pioneers in learning,
leadership & Positive Neuroplasticity.

Rick Hanson, PHD

NY Times Bestselling Author of "Hardwiring Happiness" & "Resilient"

Leaders who want to create a high performance culture will not want to miss

Chng Sok Hui

Chief Financial Officer, DBS Bank

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“Read Crystal’s most-read commentaries for Channel NewsAsia.