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Our Deep Human Approach

Our Deep Human Approach

Our Deep Human Approach

Forest Wolf prepares people for the future through our unique Deep Human approach.

In a future of rapid change and artificial intelligence, what separates us from the robots are Deep Human abilities such as self-awareness, empathy,  creativity and collaboration. 

These social emotional superskills that will help us to focus amidst the noise, engage with others deeply and build a successful and resilient life no matter what lies ahead.


Who do we work with?

Our Deep Human Approach

Our Deep Human Approach

Forest Wolf partners with clients to advise them on how to prepare for the future through talent development strategies and leadership skills education.

We have taught more than 20,000 people and worked with some of the leading future ready organisations in the world, ranging from global banks, tech giants, oil & gas supermajors, the entire biopharma sector in Singapore and government agencies.

We using the latest technology from psychology, neuroscience and leadership to transform culture & skills.


Our specialities are:

Our Deep Human Approach

Our specialities are:

  • Leadership Training & Offsites
  • Future-readiness consultancy
  • Mindfulness & EQ

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Curriculum design
  • Coaching & Therapy
  • Millennial Talent attraction & retention


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What people say

Corporate Leaders

Education Thought Leaders

Education Thought Leaders


"We are a fast growing team in a diverse region navigating through complex change. Crystal and Greg’s high-impact leadership coaching and training retreats helped us make major mindset shifts and level up our skills and culture. Plus they’re fun to work with!" 

- Gautam Talwar, Managing Director, S.E. Asia, Spotify

  “Crystal and Greg blend the latest research, and their unique and diverse experience with pragmatic advice on how each of us can lead a more meaningful and successful life, even as the world around us becomes increasingly demanding.” 

Loren I. Shuster, Chief People Officer at The LEGO Group 


“ Leaders who want to create a high-performance culture will not want to miss Deep Human.”

Chng Sok Hui, Chief Financial Officer, DBS Bank


“Crystal and Greg have a talent for making extremely complicated subjects come across as easy to understand. An entertaining, thoughtful and practical book, this is the missing manual we all need for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” 

Patrick Grove, Group CEO of Catcha Group, Chairman and Co-founder of iflix 


“Crystal and Greg are the rare combination of Eastern and Western cultures, corporate leadership and psychology academic experience, masculine and feminine perspectives. I loved how they combined their talents to produce this powerful and fascinating take on living successfully in the modern world.” 

James Tutton, Co-founder and Director of Smiling Mind, Director of Neometro  

“Crystal and Greg’s engaging book really makes the case for “doubling down on human skills “ in a very enjoyable read. The examples and exercises bring concepts to life and really cover the “so what” aspect that many books miss out on.’

Elaine Yew, Senior Partner and Global Co-Head of Leadership Advisory Practice, Egon Zehnder  

Education Thought Leaders

Education Thought Leaders

Education Thought Leaders



“Crystal and Greg are perhaps one of the most powerful proponents of what it takes to make our students and hence universities produce Future Ready Graduates. They bring to us cutting- edge research and practice which make you want to disrupt what you have today and change, before we become obsolete.” 

Dr Pradeep Nair, Deputy Vice-chancellor and Chief Academic Officer at Taylor's University 

“Crystal and Gregor are pioneers of innovative, effective methods in social-emotional learning, leadership and positive neuroplasticity. With great personal integrity, they have a deep commitment to the lasting welfare of others.” 

Rick Hanson, PhD, New York Times bestselling author of Hardwiring Happiness, Buddha's Brain and Resilient  


Greg and Crystal tell us a story in which developing fundamental human skills is the best response to the challenges of profound, continuous and fast change. The authors not only select five essential ‘deep human superskills’ through years of professional experience, but also explain how to learn them, in what order and for what purpose. At the end, the book delivers the simple, but often forgotten, recipe to thrive in the world of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: be more human not less.” 

Francesco Mancini, Associate Dean and Co-director (Executive Education) of Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore 

"Crystal is passionate about mindset change and social intelligence programmes. Roots & Wings became a flagship success with the students and a mainstay of future-ready skills development for the University. Her hands-on leadership, willingness to push boundaries and ability to connect with students and senior stakeholders served her very well. Her energy and enthusiasm can be infectious!" 

- Mitesh Patel, Managing Director, Black & Veatch, Member of National University of Singapore's Industry Advisory Board


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