Working with Corporates & Executives

"Crystal is a most impressive and reliable person who is clearly ahead of  the curve as she bridges between the worlds of business and education.  She actually meets the often overused criteria of being a thought leader  and had an endless slew of ideas and options to meet the needs of an  ambitious charter. As lucid and energised a person as you will ever  meet. Joins the dots very quickly and thinks globally with a local  expertise." - Ronan McGarvey, Director, AbbVie Singapore

I’m grateful for the wonderful facilitation of Greg & Crystal... The Future-ready Summer School has helped me learn more about secular mindfulness. On a personal level, it has helped me rethink my work, life and passion.
- Cassandra Cheng, Senior Specialist, Programme Development, E2i / NTUC  

Working with Youth Leaders

"Crystal's work at NUS has created powerful transformations in many  students. I had the privilege to participate in the Future-Ready Leaders  programme, which equipped me with an heightened awareness of self, and  the courage to confront my limiting beliefs and pursue my dreams as a  trainer. Thank you!" - Sze Zhin Lee, Leadership Development Consultant at Halogen Foundation Singapore

'Future Ready Leaders' programme made me realise that even though life is  hard, from earning money to maintaining relationships to controlling  our own thoughts/feelings, there are a few techniques which can help us  improve ourselves and over sometime, a lot of things can actually be  made better just by making own 'mindset' better. Personally, I have used  these techniques in bolstering my career, making new friends and being  more social, improving my relationship with possibly everyone in my  family and so on. Yet, the most important gain is that I now enjoy a  peace of mind - stopped worrying and started working towards the areas  of life which really matter to me! Thanks to the FRL team for making me  the person I am."   - Saurab Verma

Legacy Retreat Clients

"Who doesn't want to learn about themselves from real professionals and heartful participants in one of the most beautiful places in the world, being pampered within an inch of your life? Thank you all for a memorable week" - Cameron O'Reilly, CEO, Bayard Capital

"A breakthrough! The best program myself and my wife have ever been on and the most meaningful." - Declan Macfadden, President, Symrise Asia-Pacific

Working with Millenials as founders of NUS Roots & Wings

"I really appreciated Roots & Wings' focus on personal development, because this is something that's often neglected in Singaporean education.

A good education should teach us how to be better people, not just better students. Personally, I felt skeptical at first; I had attended a few personal development workshops prior, and they were so abstract they were meaningless. However, I found myself learning a lot from the seminar.

It was eye-opening to see how my actions deviated from my words and plans - I realised I was very others-focused (focusing on family, friends and other intimate relationships) to the detriment of my personal well-being. It also taught me that your priorities in life are yours to decide, not for society or the people around you to dictate. The breathing exercises, while simple, were also very helpful in anchoring myself.

I'm looking forward to more seminars in the future, and am very glad that NUS had these programmes for the undergraduate students. -  Erica Lim, NUS Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences